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Culinary Arts Bridging

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The Culinary Arts Bridging Transfer Program

Graduates of a recognized Culinary Arts diploma are eligible to apply for entrance into VIU's Bachelor of Hospitality Management degree. Combining a degree with a Culinary Arts diploma and a cook's (TQ or Trade qualification) Red Seal credential enhances the degree graduate's career opportunities. The degree graduate will have enhanced career opportunities in the food and beverage industry, including Executive Chef, Food and Beverage senior management and regional and global positions in the accommodation sector.

Students transferring from other institutions are required to have a transferable 1st year English equivalent to VIU's ENGL 115 - (University Writing and Research) in order to satisfy the prerequisites of ENGL 204 - (Business and Technical Writing).

Culinary Arts diploma graduates who are interested in VIU's Bachelor of Hospitality Management program are required to complete the following courses:

Culinary Arts Bridging


HOSP 120 - (Accounting Principles) or,
ACCT 100 - (Financial Accounting I) or,
ACCT 101 - (Accounting for Non-Financial Managers)


HOSP 215 - (Principles of Services Marketing) or
MARK 160 - (Introduction to Marketing) or
RMGT 101 - (Intro to Marketing in Recreation and Sport) or
TOUR 101 - (Introduction to Tourism Marketing)


HOSP 230 - (Law and Ethics) or
RMGT 226 - (Law for Recreation and Sport Managers) or
TOUR 226 - (Law for Tourism Managers)


ECON 100 - (Intro to Economics)


ENGL 204 - (Business and Technical Writing) (effective September 2012) or,
ENGL 225 - (Business and Technical Writing) (prior to September 2012)


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Monday, March 12, 2012

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Sep 6, 2022
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Admissions Assistant

Name: Lorraine Coates
Phone: 250-753-3245 ext. 2531
Email: Lorraine.Coates@viu.ca

Chair Contact

Name: Peter Briscoe
Phone: 250-740-6226
Email: Peter.Briscoe@viu.ca

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