Nanaimo Campus

Changing your registration status

Wait lists

Students who register but are unable to get into a course because it is full may be included on a wait list. See the wait list procedure for further details.

Adding or changing a course

Students may add a course or change sections within the first week of classes. Late additions after the first week of a semester require permission of instructor(s) and/or the Dean, and require students to request a late course registration through their online student record. Students changing from audit to credit, or credit to audit must also submit a Student Record Change form signed by their instructor(s).

Withdrawal from a course, program, or the university

Students wishing to withdraw must do so officially. If students officially withdraw from a course by applying at a campus Registration Centre within twelve weeks after commencement of the term, the course(s) will be removed from the official transcript. A grade of “F” (Grade Point 00) will be assigned at the end of the semester if no official withdrawal form is submitted to a Registration Centre.

Late withdrawal

In the event of demonstrated exceptional circumstances—such as death in the immediate family, a student’s illness or accident, serious emotional problems, or an error on the part of the University—a student may be able to withdraw without academic penalty from a course or program after the deadline with the approval of the instructor and Dean of Instruction. In cases where a student is withdrawing from all courses, the request for late withdrawal is subject to approval of the Registrar.

Students must complete a Late Withdrawal form citing reasons for withdrawal. Late Withdrawal forms are available from a Registration Centre.

Late withdrawals will be considered up to one year from completion of the course only.

Withdrawal from accelerated courses

Students who wish to withdraw from accelerated courses (7-week courses) must do so officially by applying at a campus Registration Centre within five weeks after commencement of the termFailure to withdraw officially will result in an “F” grade (Grade Point 00).