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Many courses at Vancouver Island University have prerequisites or co-requisites. Prerequisites are specific requirements - usually another course or courses - which must be completed before you begin a course. Co-requisites are similar, except that they may be taken at the same time.

You are strongly urged to check all course prerequisites before registering. If you do not have the prerequisite, you may be de-registered at a time when it may be too late to register for something else. Every course description in the Program and Course Calendar includes any pre or co-requisites.

Prerequisites are checked by a Registration Centre staff member before classes begin, or early in the semester. If you are using a course taken at another university or college to satisfy a prerequisite at VIU, you must submit an official transcript (complete with the official seal or stamp of the Registrar), to VIU's Registration Centre as early as possible. Due dates for prerequisites vary depending on the program - check with the assigned Admissions clerk for specific dates for your program. Official transcripts must be requested from the Registrar's Office at the institution where the studies were completed. If you do not provide evidence of meeting prerequisites, you may be removed from the class.

If you were admitted to Vancouver Island University as a "Mature Student", you must still meet all course prerequisites.

If you would like to have a prerequisite waived, you must obtain approval from the Department Chair. Please ensure permission is granted as soon as possible. The Chair will notify the Registration Centre of this waiver.

Many course prerequisites can be completed through our Academic and Career Preparation department.