Nanaimo Campus

Reserved seats

Seats are reserved in many courses to ensure that students who need those courses to graduate have the best chance of getting into them. Seats are also reserved in courses that are limited to students who are in a specific program. An example of those might be a Fisheries or Jazz course.

Courses that have reserved seats will have an extra note added below the course timetable, for example:

20(R) BBA=20
(10 of 20 reserved seats available)

Assuming the total class size is 34, this note means that 20 of the 34 seats in this section have been reserved for students who have been accepted into a specific program; in this case it is for students who are in the Bachelor of Business Administration. If you have been accepted into this program, these 20 seats have been reserved to ensure that you and your fellow business students have priority seating in this particular course and section. The remaining 14 seats are available to any student who meets the course prerequisites. The numbers in brackets indicate that at this point 10 of the reserved seats have been taken, and 10 are still available for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students.

If all the seats in a section have reserves on them and you have not been accepted into this program, then you will not be able to register for this class.

Once the majority of students have registered, most unused reserved seats are removed, opening up those held seats for other students. This usually is done in June for the Fall semester, and in early November for the Spring semester.

How do I know what program I am in?

If you are not sure what program you have been accepted into, you can check your online student record under Web Registration or Course Enrolment History.

Note that many seats in classes are not reserved for any particular goal or program. If the course does not have any reserved seats, then any student who has met the course prerequisite may register or put themselves on the waitlist for that class.

Seats can also be reserved for students who have declared their educational goals (commonly majors and minors). Students in degree programs usually declare their goals upon completion of 24 credits.

To view or declare your degree program options, please log into your online student record > Academics > Choose Degree Program Options.

Selecting an honours, major, or minor is an important decision and you are strongly encouraged to discuss your options with your Degree Advisor.

For general questions about goals, programs or planning your education, please consult the Advising Centre for assistance.