Nanaimo Campus

How to Choose Your Courses

You may already know the courses you want to take. If not, consult the Program and Course Calendar, search upcoming Course Timetables, or talk to an Educational Advisor.

Consult the Vancouver Island University Program and Course Calendar

It is important to note that not all courses listed in our Program and Course Calendar are offered every semester. To check whether or not a course is currently being offered or will be offered in the near future, consult the list of current timetables by using the list of current Course Timetables.

Find your course in the Timetable

Generate a Course Timetable to find the courses you want in the upcoming semester(s). You can search by campus, program area, semester, subject area, or simply type in the name of the course to see all upcoming sections.

Talk to an Advisor

Discuss your course selection with an Advisor. Call the campus nearest you for information on arranging an appointment:

Cowichan Campus Advising: 250-746-3509
Nanaimo Campus Advising: 250-740-6410
Powell River Campus Advising: 604-485-2878

Students in degree programs are also served by our Degree Advisors. See the complete listing of Degree Advisors for the Advisor for your program area.

How to Timetable Your Courses

Once you know which courses you want to take, you need to build your timetable for each semester. An online tutorial to build your course timetable is available which guides you step-by-step through this process. If you have not registered at VIU before, or if you have not used our Web Registration system, this is the best place to start. See also the page in this guide called Web Registration Appointment for more details.