Nanaimo Campus

Important Notes About Registering

You may only register in a total of 18 credits per semester (for example, 6 courses of 3 credits each), including waitlisted coursesPrograms which require more than 18 credits per semester are exempt from this regulation. Courses which span two semesters will have half the credit value assigned to each semester (i.e., a 6-credit course running from September until April will count as 3 credits for each semester). It is your duty and responsibility to respect the registration limits. Anyone found in violation of the 18 credit registration maximum risks being de-registered from ALL courses without prior notice.

Auditing a Class

If you wish to Audit a class, register for it as a credit student in the normal manner. Then call or visit any Vancouver Island University Registration Centre before the start of the semester to have your status changed to Audit. You can also complete and submit a Student Registration Change Form to change your status. Fees are the same whether you Audit the course or take it for credit.


Current and future timetables are available online using the Generate a Timetable feature. Customize your timetable by selecting the term, campus, program or subject area, or simply enter the course ID you want to see all upcoming sections.

Overdue Fees

If you have overdue fees or owe fines, your student record will be "flagged" and you will not be able to register until those flags are cleared up. If you check your online student record, you'll be able to see if your record is flagged. Contact your local VIU Registration Centre for details, or talk to a cashier to pay any outstanding amounts.

Class Size Limits

Each class has limited seating, so be sure to select alternatives in case you are not able to get into your first choice of course and section. You will have the option to place yourself on a waitlist for the courses you want, but it is a good idea to be registered in alternate courses in case your class fills up before you can get in. It's important that you drop extra classes before the second week of the semester in order to avoid being charged for courses you are not taking.

The more preparation you do before your registration appointment, the easier the process will be