Nanaimo Campus

Dropping a Class

Double-check your schedule during the first week of each semester and drop any courses you no longer wish to take. You will be assessed your tuition fees based on the courses you are enrolled in as of the second week of the Fall or Spring semester. Check the dates and deadlines for exact dates for upcoming semesters.

To drop a class you must officially withdraw. It is not sufficient to simply stop attending classes or to notify your instructor. 

To avoid financial and academic penalty make sure you withdraw from your courses, including any follow-up courses in the next semester. You will be assessed tuition fees for all the courses you are registered in if you do not drop them in time. See Tuition Fees for all tuition deadline dates for upcoming semester.

Not showing up for class is not a substitute for withdrawing. See the No Show policy for more information.

How to officially withdraw from a class

You can officially withdraw from a class online by going to your Student Record and the Course Enrolment History page. Click on the Add/Drop Courses link under the appropriate semester and tick the box next to the course or courses to be dropped, then click on the Submit Changes button at the bottom of the page to finalize the request and drop the course(s). If you are unable to drop a course online you can contact a Registration Centre to officially withdraw from a class in-person.

If you want to drop a course which you are auditing, you must do so in-person at a Registration Centre.