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Diplomas are offered in a number of program areas, and are indicated as such below.

Diplomas require students to complete at least 60 credits of course work and obtain a minimum overall average of 2.0 (“C”) in those courses specifically required.

General Diplomas

A general diploma can serve you in many ways. Some students like to create a customized pathway to explore their own personal interests and curiosities. A general diploma is a tangible goal to recognize this accomplishment after the equivalent of two years of full-time study.

In addition, some students in four-year degree programs like to celebrate the mid-point of that journey by receiving a general diploma while they continue on with their studies, either at VIU or before transferring to a different institution to pursue an opportunity not available here.

Students interested in a General Diploma are strongly encouraged to discuss their educational goals with an Educational Advisor.

Diploma in Arts and Science

Requires 60 credits in any university academic courses, 100-level or higher, including the Degree English Requirement.

Diploma in Individually Selected Studies

Requires 60 semester credits in any university courses, 100-level or higher.