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1970s: Timeline

This time line consists of local, national, and international events relevant to the Canadian experience. It serves to contextualize the growth and evolution of VIU.
Source: The Canadian Encyclopedia Online


  • Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau opened the first Arctic Winter Games in Yellowknife, NWT on March 10.
  • The Vancouver Canucks joined the NHL.


  • The census recorded the population of Canada as 21,568,000.


  • On January 25, the freighter Stardust ran aground north of Vancouver Island, spilling 378,000 litres of fuel oil.


  • The RCMP accepted four women recruits, the first females to join the force.


  • On April 2, the last section of the CN Tower, the world's highest free-standing structure at the time, was put in place.
  • The Lebanese Civil War began in Beirut when Christians murdered a busload of Palestinian Muslims on April 13.
  • The Vietnam War ended with the fall of Saigon on April 30 and the surrender of South Vietnam to the North.


  • Capital punishment was abolished from the Canadian Criminal Code on July 14.
  • On July 17, the Olympic Games officially opened in Montreal, QC.


  • The Dempster Highway, the first all-weather road across the Arctic Circle, officially opened on August 19.