Dominion Provincial Youth Training Centre

Student Services: 1960 - 1969

Students play ping-pong and pool in the VTS dormitory recreation room at 4th and Wakesiah circa 1962. Student dorms from the 1940s to 1970s were housed in converted army huts located on campus.
Images courtesy of VIU Archives

Student dorms, 1960s.
Image courtesy of VIU Archives

Malaspina Scores a Hit

"Malaspina Scores Hit"

Interest in Malaspina College increases as programing is planned around student need. President Dr. Carl Opgaard: "We believe education is important. We want people to keep us on the ball. We are looking for you and for the public to be involved in the regional college scheme."
Article courtesy of Victoria BC's Daily Colonist, May 25, 1969

"First Edition College Paper Off The Press"

The first edition of the Navigator came of the press. The newspaper's editor assured readers that a high standard of journalism and content would be maintained and that the paper would not become a "rag".
Article courtesy of Nanaimo Daily Free Press, 1969