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1990s: Time Line

This time line consists of local, national, and international events relevant to the Canadian experience. It serves to contextualize the growth and evolution of VIU.
Source: The Canadian Encyclopedia Online


NASA sent the Hubble telescope into orbit on April 25.

A standoff began on July 11 at Oka, QC when police attempted to storm a barricade erected by the Mohawk to block expansion of a golf course onto land they had claimed.

The census recorded the population of Canada as 27,945,000.

An American-led international force launched Operation Desert Storm against Iraq on January 16.

Protestors began blocking roads in Clayoquot Sound on July 1 to protest logging; almost 900 people were arrested.

The July 14 loss by the Vancouver Canucks in the 7th game of the Stanley Cup final ignited a riot in downtown Vancouver.

The end of Apartheid was marked when South Africa rejoined the Commonwealth after holding its first non-racial elections.

The Rwandan Genocide ended on July 16 after lasting 100 days and resulting in the death of approximately 800,000 people (estimates vary).

On October 30, Quebec held its second sovereignty referendum in 15 years. The "no" side won, with a 50.6% majority in a vote that saw 93.2% of the population participating.

Leaders from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia signed the Dayton Accord on December 14, ending 43 months of genocidal warfare.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was killed in an automobile crash in Paris, France on August 31.

Nanaimo's Port Theatre opened on September 19.

Nunavut became Canada's third territory on April 1.

The world population reached 6 billion.