Dominion Provincial Youth Training Centre

Facilities: 1960 - 1969

Invitation to the open house and official opening of the new addition (Building 180) to the BC Vocational School in May 1964.
Image courtesy of Nanaimo Daily Free Press, May 29 1964

Speech delivered at the event by The Honourable Leslie R. Peterson, Minister of Labour and Education, May 30 1964

Nanaimo's VTS circa 1965. Wakesiah Ave. is along the top of the photograph and 4th Street is along the left side.
Image courtesy of VIU Archives


Vocational School has 1000 Students

"Vocational School Has 1,000 Students"

Nanaimo's Vocational Training School increases its facilities and programs.
Article courtesy of Nanaimo Daily Free Press, May 1964

VTS cafeteria, 1960s
Images of courtesy of VIU Archives

Building 180 was officially opened in 1964 at Nanaimo Vocational Training School. This photo was taken in 1967.

Students outside building 180 circa 1967.
Images courtesy of VIU Archives

Location Could Kill Plan
"Location Could Kill Plan"

There was considerable discussion as to how and where the proposed regional college could be operated and located.
Article courtesy of Victoria, BC's Daily Colonist, Jan. 1967

Vocational School Constantly Improving Training Facilities

"Vocational School Constantly Improving Training Facilities"

"It is the policy of the Nanaimo Vocational School to constantly increase and improve the training facilities in order to keep abreast of modern trends in the business and industrial world."
Article courtesy of Nanaimo Daily Free Press, May 29, 1967

College Re-locates

"College Re-Locates"

Permanent offices for Malaspina College were established at 460 Wallace in downtown Nanaimo in Sept. 1968.
Article courtesy of Vancouver Sun, Sept. 3, 1968

Malaspina College's first home was in Nanaimo's converted hospital. The college opened in September 1969 and was immediately successful. The student body outgrew this location and within two years a new and permanent campus was sought. The building in the top left corner of this photograph was known affectionately as "The Outhouse" and operated as a meeting and social gathering place by faculty and students alike.
Image courtesy of Nanaimo Community Archives

Discoveries in Education New Slogan for Nanaimo's Forward-Looking CollegeDiscoveries in Education Page 2
"'Discoveries in Education' Slogan for Nanaimo's Forward Looking College" Page 1 and 'Discoveries in Education' Page 2

Discoveries in Education: Malaspina College opens in Nanaimo's old hospital on Sept. 8, 1969. Partners in the college at the time include Cowichan, Lake Cowichan, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, and Parksville/Qualicum.
Article courtesy of Victoria's Daily Colonist, Aug. 17, 1969

Site Wanted

"Site Wanted"

Not even one month after the opening of Malaspina College in the old hospital on Kennedy Street it is evident that more space would be needed to serve the needs of students from mid-north Vancouver Island. A call for offers of a permanent site went out officially in September 1969.
Article courtesy of Victoria BC's Daily Colonist, Sept. 30, 1969