Dominion Provincial Youth Training Centre

Trades and Technology: 1960 - 1969

The 1960s was a booming decade for VTS. Thanks to a substantial funding injection by the Provincial Government the school was able to expand its facilities and resources and increase its number of faculty and students. While mechanics and welding departments continued to thrive, new programs such as logging, practical nursing, general commercial training, cook training, and beauty culture were successful from their onset and in constant high demand.

Automotive Mechanics

Automotive students, 1960s

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Beauty Culture

Beauty Culture was first offered in the mid-1960s with the opening of Building 180. Students practiced their skills on local volunteers who would come to the school-based clinic for inexpensive haircuts and beauty treatments.

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Diamond Drilling

Diamond Drilling at McKay Lake (near Ladysmith BC), 1965.
Image courtesy of VIU Archives

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Dental Assistant/Hygiene

A dental hygiene student teaches proper brushing to a young volunteer, 1968.
Image courtesy of VIU Archives

General Commercial

1960s General Commercial

Heavy Duty Mechanics

A VTS student studies Heavy Duty Mechanics circa 1967. Instructors have always played an active role in education at this institution by keeping class sizes small and offering one-on-one instruction.


The logging program was heavily supported by the BC Loggers' Association. The program at VTS helped to increase safety in the workplace.
Image courtesy of VIU Archives

Practical Nursing

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Tire Repair

Tire Repair circa 1968.


A student trains in the welding department at VTS, 1962.
Image I-24249 courtesy of Royal Museum BC Archives