Dominion Provincial Youth Training Centre

Service Departments: 1960 - 1969

Island Backs College

"Island Backs College" - Daily Colonist

The results of the Sept. 30, 1967 plebiscite were announced the following day. Overall there was strong regional support for the college. Questions arose following the plebiscite around the College's best location.
Article courtesy of Victoria BC's Daily Colonist, Oct. 1, 1967

Regional College Approved by Cabinet

"Regional College Approved by Cabinet" - Daily Colonist

After 6 years of hard work by the regional district co-ordinating committee, a regional college was approved by Cabinet in June, 1968. Malaspina College was expected to (and did) open its doors to students in September, 1969.
Article courtesy of Victoria BC's Daily Colonist, June 1968

Malaspina College Inaugural Year, September 1969
Image courtesy of Nanaimo Daily Free Press, Sept. 1969

Leonard Marsh's report: A Regional College for Vancouver Island, 1966

This report details the need for a regional college for Vancouver Island and why Nanaimo was chosen as the most appropriate site to serve the region's post-secondary educational needs.