Dominion Provincial Youth Training Centre

Facilities Articles: 1970 - 1979

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Malaspina College council asks for help from the BC Department of Education to secure the 165 acres site of the Nanaimo Military training camp for a permanent college campus.
Article courtesy of The Vancouver Sun, July 31, 1970

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The possibility of a meld between Nanaimo's Vocational School and Malaspina College was discussed in The Nanaimo Daily Free Press, May 1971.
Article courtesy of The Nanaimo Daily Free Press, May 1971.

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Articles and image courtesy of Nanaimo Daily Free Press, 1977

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Malaspina College's inflatable gym was the largest air support structure in BC until it deflated due to a winter storm and failed generator in January 1980.
Image and article courtesy of The Navigator, Oct. 1976

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New facilities. New communication method?
Image and text courtesy of The Navigator, Nov. 1979