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Science and Tech. Articles: 1970 - 1979


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Thanks to financing from private contributors, Malaspina College's forestry program was given the go-ahead in 1971. "It is the first time a Malaspina program has been initiated as a result of an endowment by a private or outside organization," said President Dr. Carl Opgaard. Plans in 1971 had college forestry students taking part in hands-on courses in timber cruising, forest engineering, and insect and regeneration studies.
Article courtesy of The Vancouver Sun, Aug. 12 1971


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The Geography Department offered a one-day seminar for teachers in local school districts. "The purpose of the seminar was to create better communication between schools and the college as well as to explore ways in which teachers in various communities and levels can be of mutual assistance."
Article courtesy of Nanaimo Daily Free Press, Oct. 1971


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Malaspina College faculty members Miss E.A.M. Forrester, geography instructor, and E. Hong, math-science area chairman, both pursued professional development opportunities in the summer of 1971.
Article courtesy of Nanaimo Daily Free Press, May 7, 1971