Nanaimo Campus

Admission Applicant Status Categories


Anyone who has submitted a complete Application for Admission and the non-refundable Application Fee is considered an applicant.


Applicants notified that they have met all the requirements of the program for which they have applied, and there is available space, are considered to be accepted.

Note: Acceptance is not normally transferable from year to year. Applications are considered for the current school year only. An accepted applicant who is unable to enrol may re-apply for admission; however, the new application will be reviewed again for the next academic year, and a subsequent offer of admission is not guaranteed.  See also: Deferring Admission, below.

Conditionally Accepted

Applicants who have not yet met all requirements of the program for which they have applied may be conditionally accepted.  Acceptance is offered with conditions attached. These conditions must be satisfied to gain full acceptance. Normally this status is available to students who are still completing prerequisite courses at the time of application.

Not Accepted

Applicants notified that they do not meet the requirements of the University or program, or that they have not been offered admission due to enrolment limitations are considered to be not accepted. The applicant may wish to apply for another program. Please consult an Educational Advisor.

Wait List

Some students not accepted due to enrolment limitations may be placed on a wait list. If space becomes available, students are given further instructions on how to proceed.

Deferring Admission

Students admitted into the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science, or Exploratory University Studies programs may request to defer their admission for one year. Requests to defer admission are sent to