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Tuition Tax Forms

(T2202  & T2202A)

Why are there two different names for the tax receipt form?

All tuition tax receipts prior to 2019 are T2202A tax receipts. Beginning with the 2019 tuition receipts, the forms have changed slightly and are now called T2202 tax receipts.

What has changed for the 2019 Tuition Tax Receipts (T2202)?

Starting with the tax receipt forms for 2019 tuition, eligible students will not be able to access their tax form without having provided a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

If there is no SIN in your student record, a message will pop up asking you to call the Registration Centre at 250.740.6400 to provide that information.

Do I need a Social Insurance Number to get tax receipts prior to 2019?

No. All tuition tax receipts already on your student record prior to 2020 can be accessed and printed from your student record without a Social Insurance Number.

Why do you need my Social Insurance Number?

The new requirement to provide a Social Insurance Number for every student eligible for a tax receipt is a directive from the Canadian Revenue Agency with which VIU is required to comply. Rest assured that your SIN will not be shared with any party other than the CRA and will not be used for any other purpose.

How do I get my tax receipt?

Your T2202A or T2202 tax receipt form can be printed by accessing your online student record, and will be available early in February for the previous year. These forms will no longer be mailed except by request.

Notices are emailed to students when the tax receipts are ready and a notice is also put on the online student record main page.

Am I eligible for a Tax Receipt? What if I'm not a Canadian citizen?

In most programs, students who paid over $100 in combined tuition and activity fees during the previous calendar year are eligible for a T2202 tax form.

All students, Canadian or International, are eligible for a T2202 Tax form for eligible programs. You should discuss with your tax consultant or Canada Revenue Agency: International Students Studying in Canada as to whether or not you may be entitled to claim the tuition.

Why does my Tax Receipt not equal the tuition I paid for the year?

If your enrolment starts in one tax year and ends in the next tax year, then the tuition (only) for all courses is pro-rated for each year, based on the number of days attended in each year. The society fee is not tax deductible and is not included. The entire activity fee is included on the tax receipt in the final year.

Note that the above is based on your enrolment dates, not payment dates. For example, if you paid in 2023 for classes that started in 2024, you will not be eligible to claim those fees on your 2023 taxes. They will be included on your 2024 T2202 instead.

Why does my Tax Receipt not display at all?

To view the tax forms online, you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

If you have a Macintosh computer, note that the built-in file previewer from Apple will not read this file correctly - you must use the Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

Can I get a Tax Receipt for courses taken through Professional Development and Training? 

Depending on the length of the course, students taking a certificate or diploma program or other post-secondary level courses through Professional Development and Training who paid over $100 in combined tuition and activity fees during the previous calendar year may be eligible for a T2202 tax form.

Some general interest courses may be eligible for a T2202 tax receipt. To determine whether courses you have taken are eligible, please log in to your online student record and view your current T2202.

Can someone other than myself get my Tax Receipt?

No. T2202's are only issued to the student, regardless of who actually paid the tuition. However, you may be able to transfer tuition amounts to other individuals. There is a form included with your tax receipt to do so.

Please consult the Canada Revenue Agency: Students or your tax consultant for more information.

Can I still get my Tax Receipt even if I have outstanding tuition fees or owe a fine?

Yes. Tuition Tax Receipts are not withheld due to outstanding fees or fines.

What is the meaning of the Program Name that is showing up on my T2202 tax receipt?

The title of the program in which you were registered in the previous calendar year is listed on your T2202 form.

If you were registered in more than one program, the earliest one you were enrolled in during that year is shown.

Can I get a Tax Receipt for my English as a Second Language (ESL) courses?

No. Neither the hours nor the tuition amount for English as a Second Language (ESL) courses are eligible for a tax receipt.

Can I get a Tax Receipt for my Co-operative Education courses?

No. Neither the hours nor the tuition amount for Co-operative Education courses are eligible for a tax receipt.

What if I withdraw from all my courses and I have only paid my $200 deposit - can I claim that on my taxes?

No. The $200 deposit is only considered part of your tuition if you are enrolled in courses at VIU, so it is not eligible for tax purposes if you are completely withdrawn.

I don't know my password and can't access my student record.

If you forget your student number or password, contact the Registration Centre to release this information or to reset your password. Come in person to any Registration Centre or phone 250.740.6400 between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday for assistance.

We protect your privacy by not giving the information contained in your student record to anyone other than yourself unless we receive written authorization from you to do so, or that person knows two critical pieces of information: your student number and the answer to the security question that you created in your record.

What if I don't have a SIN, or do not want to provide that information?

If you do not have a Social Insurance Number or do not wish to have that information added to your student record, a staff member in the Registration Centre can email or mail your 2019 tax receipt to you. Call 250.740.6400 for assistance.

I am an international student, do the same rules apply for me?

Please see information on taxes for international students.