Nanaimo Campus

Tuition Tax Receipts (T2202)

Students in eligible programs who paid over $100 in combined tuition and activity fees during the previous calendar year are eligible for a T2202 tax form.

Access your student record to print your tax form for the previous year. Tax forms are available beginning in early February.


Beginning in 2019, T2202 tax receipt forms will not be accessible without a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

All T2202A tax receipts for years prior to 2019 will still be accessible without a Social Insurance Number.

To add your SIN to your student record, please call 250.740.6400.

Should you require assistance with accessing or printing your tax form, please call the Records Department at 250.753.3245 Ext. 2510, or email Toll-free call 1.888.920.2221 Ext. 2510.

Questions about eligible expenses for students?

It could be well worth your time to check out the Canada Revenue Agency website to view regulations that may affect your tax eligibility.

Consult a tax expert for questions about how to claim your T2202 tax receipt.

T2202A Frequently Asked Questions